Bofigo 60X120 cm Work Desk with 2 Shelves Computer Desk Office Lesson Dining Table Bendir

Bofigo 60X120 cm Work Desk with 2 Shelves Computer Desk Office Lesson Dining Table Bendir
Brand: Bofigo
Bofigo 60X120 cm 2 Shelf Work Desk Computer Desk Office Lesson Dining Table Bofigo work table stands out with its modern style and useful structure. The table model, which combines functionality with aesthetic appearance, can be easily positioned in various areas. You may want to consider the product for the living room, children's room or study room, or you may want to evaluate it in areas such as offices, workshops, offices. Thanks to its lightweight frame, it is also possible to easily move the table between rooms. The fact that it is thin, light but durable makes the product noticeable in its class. Bofigo table also offers you storage space thanks to its shelving frame. It should be noted that the shelf design with open sides creates an airy effect. Bofigo 60X120 cm work desk with 2 shelves, computer desk; Office, lesson, dining table is a candidate to be one of the indispensables of your living spaces with the elegance of pine color! Functional Skeletal Structure Powered by Details The materials and manufacturing techniques used in the Bofigo multi-purpose table series make the product stand out in its segment. The rectangular working table measuring 60 x 120 cm offers comfortable use with its durable and smooth surface table. The high strength of the top table and shelves consisting of 18 mm thick particle board provides a safe usage area. Solid profile material is also preferred in the legs on which the tables are placed. The material preferred in the skeleton carries the trays well. There are diagonal supports on the long edge to prevent shaking, to keep the feet balanced and to carry the pine surface smoothly. The Bofigo table, which has a ground clearance of 75 cm, contains a similar height value as the classic models. Thus, it is possible to use the product with different types of chairs and easily adapt it to living spaces. The 60 x 120 Bofigo 2 shelf table, which is offered for sale as disassembled, reaches you protected in a special enclosure box. The fasteners required for the assembly of the product are also included in the box. The table with 2 shelves is assembled in a very short time and is ready for use. If you are in search of a stylish, durable, functional work desk, you may want to consider the Bofigo 2 rack table model. Bofigo 60 x 120 cm Table Features Table Type: Desk with 2 shelves Size of the table: 60 x 120 cm Table Clearance: 75 cm Top Table Thickness: 18 mm Table Type: Particle board Design That Makes a Difference with Its Innovative Attitude One of the elements that make the table distinctive is its innovative design. Open profile legs provide an elegant posture and make it possible to achieve a more minimalist style. Thanks to the simple design, the work table can be easily adapted to different trends. The table with pine surfaces also attracts those who want to create a natural ambiance in their living space. The pine-colored table and the black-colored feet create a partially contrasting style. Thanks to the design that includes color transition, the product is very suitable for areas decorated in retro, classic, flashy etc. styles. Functionality is enhanced by two rack spaces in the body. You can put your work tools in these areas or you can use the shelves as a display area for decorative objects. If you wish, you can use the product as a computer desk and use the shelf space as storage space for your PC accessories. The same material is used on the table surface with the shelf tops. In this way, visual confusion is avoided and thematic harmony emphasizing simplicity is well achieved. The edges of the specially molded main table and shelves are not intensely sharp, so they do not harm you or your belongings. Bofigo work table prices, given the characteristics of the product, draw an affordable structure. Thus, the product promises a pleasure that exceeds your expectations both in terms of use and decoration.

Foot Material : Wood
Drawer : None
Depth: 60 cm
Width: 120 cm
Material : Particleboard
Shelves : 2
Design : Modern
Wheeled : No
Height Adjustment : No
Height: 72 cm
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
1 Series1 Piece

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